Marilyn Mathis

Through her insightful, powerful and compassionate coaching, Mina Brown creates the positive structure that everyone needs to succeed.

Mina’s coaching is a terrific resource for developing your career in new or better directions. She is knowledgeable in numerous business and professional fields, having served in executive positions herself. She has honed her coaching style over 20 years of successful experience with leaders and professionals.

Mina’s coaching not only provided me with the tools to improve my career development, but also directed me to specific paths and resources I had not found on my own. In choosing a career/enterprise coach, I sought someone who highly values my time. With Mina, every session is crafted to be extremely effective, ensuring that high ROI is one of the outcomes.

She connects with people on both the business and human levels. Her professionalism is matched by empathy and insight that makes her coaching always hit its target.

Whatever your stage of career — startup, seasoned professional or executive, please consider the Positive Coach for solutions that will move you toward increased success.