Baltimore, MD, USA
Strategic Consultant, Business & Career Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

Elizabeth Lilley is a partner in possibility in business, career, and community. Wearing glasses since the age of two, she brings a variety of fresh perspectives in facilitating a vision of growth and transformation beyond the limitations of the day to day business experience.

Elizabeth has been facilitating change as a Coach, Consultant, Business Analyst, and Project Manager for more than 25 years with extensive experience in financial services, information technology, manufacturing, NGO’s, and professional career strategies.Her current initiatives include growing The Launchbox® with Sonata Venture Solutions a workshop series helping entrepreneurs and business leaders survive and thrive in both stable and volatile economies. She is compiling her experiences with executives and professionals who are compelled in today’s world of work to lead many roles whether in one organization or across many. Young adults have recently been finding their way to her for authentic career development in a challenging and rapidly changing world.

A Certified Hudson Institute Coach (CHIC), Elizabeth received her Master’s in Information Technology Management from Johns Hopkins University, a Certificate in Transformational Leadership from Georgetown University, and her BA in French from Salisbury University. Through the Global Business Network, Elizabeth completed the renowned training “Developing and Using Scenarios” for strengthening organizational strategy and future perspective. She is qualified to administer and interpret a number of professional development assessments and is also a Certified Reach Personal Brand Strategist. Visit her website at:

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