Sparks, NV, USA
Certified NLP Coach and 360-Degree Certified Facilitator (Microsoft Licensing)

Brian Moore is a Certified NLP Coach and 360-Degree Certified Facilitator (Microsoft Licensing) with more than 20 years in the human resources industry for Fortune 100 global organizations. With an intrinsic passion for people, Brian inspires his clients to go beyond their preconceived goals for the coaching experience.

One of Brian’s talents is helping individuals achieve the results they seek—a destination that may change during the evolution of the coaching process. Brian has the ability to sense the client’s verbal and non-verbal communication methods. From there, Brian relates to the client in a manner that best facilitates comprehension and establishment of trust. His compassion creates a non-judgmental atmosphere for the client to respond freely and to enhance personal and professional development.

Brian’s senior-level HR experience throughout all sectors has provided him the skills and disposition necessary to connect with employees in all fields and at all levels. He has worked extensively with successful senior executives and top performers in essentially every functional role. Born on the island of Cyprus and educated in England and Switzerland, Brian learned at an early age how to work with others from different backgrounds and cultures. He moved to Reno, Nevada, in 1988 from Tasmania, Australia.

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