Successful Career Transition—An Art, Not a Science

You want to redirect your career or energize and focus on your job search. Maybe you are sending out resumes, applying for jobs, and reaching out to friends and family, but so far you aren’t getting the response you want. Or maybe you don’t know what you want to do, but you know you don’t want to do what you are doing (or have been doing). Where do you go from here?

The New Job Market Paradigm

The job market is nothing like it used to be. The company as a “caretaker of careers” is dead. Thus individuals are essentially on their own to plan, shape and manage their careers. Jobs are shifting geographically. . . radically. And hiring systems and processes are changing rapidly, especially with the advent of mobile and web-based recruiting technologies.

There are increasing skills and experience gaps largely attributed to demographic/generationaly changes and education deficiencies. So employees are expected to excel is developing their professional skills and achieve relevant performance metrics. But then, being really good at what you do is no longer enough.  Leaders must perform at the top of their games in every dimension.

  • Communication skills
  • Management and leadership ability
  • Influence aptitude
  • Results focus
  • Industry fit

The bottom line is that professionals at every level must take charge of designing and managing their careers the same way a business owner creates a company strategy and executive plan. This is a daunting and complex task for just about anyone. And the best laid plans can change in an instant. So who do you call? A career coach, that’s who.

High-Impact Career Services

Positive Coach’s team offers a wide range of career services that can help you accelerate your search or help you redefine and execute a new career direction. From our full range of services, you can pick and choose only what you need most or select the comprehensive, seamless campaign that covers the full scope of a professionally run and successful career transition —beginning to end. Of course, we can always work with you on an hourly basis to address your specific needs.

Personalized, Top-Notch Career Coaching Can Make All the Difference

During a career transition, whether you chose it or not, you have a unique opportunity to get what you
really want out of your job and your life. What if you could find a job that inspires you? Yes, it can be a scary time, but the end result is well worth the effort. . . and the investment. We can help you create your career vision, devise a career plan, and execute your job search at the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness. You might even want to start your own business. We can help you decide. We want to support YOU!

Comprehensive Career Consulting

Five (5) intensive sessions of coaching, consulting, teaching, and supporting you in your career planning and job search execution–all the way from imagining your “perfect” future job to the successful negotiation of your new job offer – $3,500

  • Career Vision & Plan – Define your career goals (5 years, this year, right now) and then how to get the next job
  • Summary Personal Statement – Create a strong, high-impact personal introduction that feeds into your resume and your LinkedIn profile
  • Networking & Social Media Strategy – How to use LinkedIn and other venues and resources
  • Interviewing – Honest assessment, craft a careful strategy, answer behavioral interview questions with well-honed scenarios, identify Achilles heel and how to respond to difficult questions
  • Offer Evaluation & Negotiation – Get what you are worth, don’t leave money on the table, and leave the right impression along the way


Interviewing Intensive

Two (2) in-depth sessions to prepare for interviewing & build confidence – $1,500

  • develop personal introduction
  • assess interview Achilles heel
  • create behavioral scenarios
  • prepare for tough questions
  • learn what questions to ask
  • discuss how to talk about money
  • learn how to use comprehensive preparation worksheet & post-interview self-assessment form

Laser Coaching Session

One intensive two-hour laser coaching session to focus on critical issues or questions you need to tackle right now, such as what job do I want, why aren’t I getting any calls, how do I network when I’m employed, or I’m just stuck. – $750

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