Our Private Coaching Program for Tight Budgets

In collaboration with Coach Academy International, we have created a competitively priced program for individuals who really could benefit from professional coaching but may not be able to afford full market rates.

Many graduates from Coach Academy’s Coach Certification Program need to accumulate 100 hours of paid coaching experience as part of their formal coaching certification. Through this partnership with Positive Coach, well-qualified trained coach certification graduates can offer professional one-on-one coaching for individuals with personal or career challenges and achieve their credentialing goals at the same time.

Most people who work with trained professional coaches experience immediate benefits including a fresh perspective on challenges, enhanced decision making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, increased sense of confidence, improved productivity and greater satisfaction in life and career. This is a unique opportunity to achieve some personal goals at a rate that is not offered publicly—it is available only through the special relationship between Positive Coach and Coach Academy International.

How the Program Works.

If you would like more information about this Program, please complete the Contact form with an indication of your interest. A Positive Coach Representative will contact you for more information about your situation and needs. Once qualified, you will be invited to Register for the program and receive a unique access code to review a private directory of participating Coaches’ bios and backgrounds.

You may reach out directly and schedule interviews with up to three coaches. Often you don’t need to interview more than one. Once you have made a selection of who you want to work with, it is up to you and your coach to schedule your meetings. PLEASE communicate your final decision to Positive Coach and also any other coaches you interview—that’s just common courtesy. Most coaches offer virtual video meetings as well as phone sessions, but that is something to discuss with your coach.

You will meet with your coach via phone or video conference for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on which package you choose, approximately every other week over three months based on your mutual schedules. We ask that prior to your scheduled call you find a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed and are able to speak candidly. Have a pen and paper handy for taking any notes.

Coaching can be on any topic of your choosing, such as:

  • a career choice or lack of direction,
  • something you would like to make a decision about,
  • a relationship that you would like to change,
  • a challenging situation that needs attention,
  • a personal goal that you have been unable to achieve,
  • a problem that needs to be solved,
  • some circumstance that you are not happy with and don’t know what to do about it,
  • a difficult conversation you need to have with someone,
  • and so forth.

Coaching Defined.

For clarification—coaching is NOT consulting, teaching, training, advising, or therapy. The coaching process is one in which the coach facilitates you, the client, to gain a deeper understanding of your issue and to create solutions of your own. In a coaching model, the coach manages the process and you are the expert on the content. The coach WILL NOT be telling or advising you what to do.


Your coach is there in a supportive relationship to encourage you to think in new ways in a safe, confidential environment. While you are free, of course, to share any aspect of your coaching sessions with those you choose, your coach will keep all session information completely confidential. If in the extremely rare situation, the coach reasonably believes that certain limited but serious conditions exist, such as illegal activity, imminent or likely risk of danger to self or others, or pursuant to valid court order or subpoena, then the coach may need to inform appropriate authorities.


Once you have registered, you will need to sign the Budget Coaching Program Participant Agreement and return it to CoachTrainers@CoachAcademyInternational.com. If at any time during the engagement you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Positive Coach Representative or send an email to CoachTrainers@CoachAcademyInternational.com.


The Graduate Coaching Program is structured into blocks of five sessions each, either for 60-minute sessions or 30-minute sessions. Fees must be paid in advance directly to your coach.

  • Five 30-minute sessions $300
  • Five 60-minute sessions $500

Neither Positive Coach nor Coach Academy accepts any commissions or referral fees for this program—just a small administration fee from the coach. If the process is beneficial and you would like to extend the coaching, you may renew with your coach for one more 5-session package at the same discounted rates. After six-months, it is completely up to your coach what future arrangements are available. Once these student/graduate coaches receive their professional coaching credentials, their fees naturally go up.