Confidential Personal Coaching on (Almost) Any Topic

Positive Coach offers a variety of services for individuals who are ready to make an important change in their lives—an independent professional coach can be your secret weapon for a successful outcome.
Our senior executive coaches have the level of business experience that informs and aligns with clients’ high-impact issues.

Trained career coaches can help you accelerate a job search and improve the ultimate fit and compensation package.

Our intuitive and dedicated personal life coaches have the heart and professional skills to support your in these circumstances. They will help you gain perspective in your situation and design action steps to achieve a “new normal” in your life.

Brief overviews of these areas are offered below and more detailed information is available on the following pages:

  • Professional Coaching (e.g. performance goals, onboarding, politics, time management)
  • Career Coaching (e.g. career transition, job search, networking, interviewing)
  • Life Coaching (e.g. personal life goals, relationships, work-life balance, family issues, stress)

In certain circumstances, individuals need a super cost effective option. Check out our one-of-a-kind Graduate Coaching Program. Participation can only be arranged directly through a Positive Coach associate.

Professional Coaching

Fast Company’s author, Jim Bolt described coaching as the “fad that won’t go away”. Coaching has become the resource of choice for increased performance, results, employee satisfaction and retention. In today’s expanding “talent gap”, professional coaching is the most powerful tool for development and enhanced company loyalty.

If you want to step up your performance, get noticed, get a promotion, make a major shift, then you need a coach. We can help. We’re obsessed with helping our clients succeed.

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Career Transition Coaching

You want to redirect your career or energize and focus your job search. you are sending out resumes and searching for jobs on the Internet, but so far you aren’t getting the response you want. What do you have to do?

During a career transition, whether you chose it or not, you have a unique opportunity to get what you really want out of your job and your life. What if you could find a job that inspires you> Yes, it can be a scary time, but the end result is well worth the effort… and the investment.

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Positive Life Coaching

Sometimes you just need a “friend” who is not actually a friend. Life coaches can help clients work through all sorts of life’s challenges without judgment, with compassion, and with deep commitment to positive outcomes. Coaches have the unique position to be completely honest and candid with their clients, in a way that probably no one else in their lives really can. Family members, spouses, friends, co-workers–none of these can be completely objective and unattached to possible outcomes. Coaches can, coaches are. And coaches approach these engagements with heart–their greatest joy is to experience their clients’ successes.

If you want to make a meaningful change in your life, consider working with a life coach. You may be surprised what you discover and what new avenues may develop as a result.

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Budget Coaching Program

Not everyone can afford current marketplace-driven professional fees. So we developed a highly cost effective, high-value program that benefits both the client and the aspiring coach.

Positive Coach is uniquely positioned to offer something that we don’t believe exists anywhere else in the industry. Mina is the founder of Coach Academy International. Graduates from Coach Academy’s Coach Certification Program must accumulate 75-100 hours of paid coaching experience to apply for their formal ICF coaching certification. Through this one-of-a-kind partnership with Positive Coach, these well-qualified and trained graduates can offer professional one-on-one coaching for individuals at a rate that is not offered publicly. We believe it’s a real WIN-WIN for coach and coachee/client.

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