Speeches and Workshops on a Variety of Topics

An executive coach and career consultant for 20 years, Mina is a recognized seminar facilitator, lively workshop leader and entertaining speaker. She speaks frequently on topics about leadership, communication, executive impact, trust, conflict, influence and career management.

Her popular book, BE SHARP:  “Tell me about Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios, continues to receive rave review on Amazon. Her newest book BE SMART: Sail Past the Hazards of Conventional Career Advice is  “rewriting the career planning rulebook.” Three more books are in the publishing pipeline.

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To book an engagement, just complete the Contact Us form and indicate a topic(s) you are interested in, either from the list below or any other topic of your choice. She will be happy to work with you to customize a keynote or presentation that fits your audience. Here are a few of her popular topics.



Getting Un-Stuck

Are You Stuck In Your Career Or Job Search? Have You Applied To Lots Of Jobs Online And Sent Out Dozens Or Even Hundreds Of Resumes With No Luck At All? You Get No Response To Your Inquiries And Applications—Not Even A Simple “Thank You For Applying” Or “We Have Received Your Resume.” Nothing—Unless You Count The Many Recruiting Letters For Opportunities To Sell Insurance Or Multi-Level Marketing Products You May Have Received. You Think You Have The Skills And Experience For The Jobs You’re Applying For. Your Resume And Cover Letter Seems To Be Fine, But You’re Just Not Getting The Leads Or The Interviews You Want And Deserve. So What Could Be Wrong? Come Listen To Mina Brown Talk About How To Get Unstuck In Your Career Or Job Search.

Be Sharp! Tell Me About Yourself

When You Meet Someone Or Present Yourself For The First Time, You Create Such A Lasting Impression, Good Or Bad, That It’s Difficult (And Maybe Impossible) To Change. Few People Honestly Have Enough Personality And Self Confidence To Deliver Polished Personal Introductions Without Any Preparation Or Thought. This Presentation Gives A Simple Formula For Crafting A Personal Introduction That Hits The Mark. You’ll Learn The Basic Building Blocks For Creating Your Own High-Impact Identity—Your “Personal Brand”. And You Will See How To Practice It So That It Fits Like An Old Shoe.

Communications Savvy for Women in Business

In Tangible Terms Of Power, Promotion, And Pay, Women Still Rank Second, Even Though We’ve Come A Long Way In Closing The Gap. Too Often, We Believe That Hard Work And Becoming The Best At Something Will Result In Recognition And Promotion. Wrong. Entry Tickets, Perhaps, But That’s Not All It Takes To Get Ahead. It Takes Having A Strong “Brand”—How You Look, What You Say, And Who You Know. Communication Skills Represent A Huge Opportunity For Women To Shed Limiting Styles, Adopt Stronger Approaches, And Reclaim Power.

Executive Presence: Do You Have 'IT'?

In Her Book, Closing The Leadership Gap, Marie Wilson States, “Our Society Upholds The Masculinity Of Authority And The Authority Of Masculinity.” Research Shows That Female Executives Trounce Men In Nearly Every Area Of Performance, But Many Lack “Executive Presence”. It’s An Invisible Barrier To Credibility, Leadership, And Power. Thus, Presence And Impact Are The Latest Keys To Unlocking The Executive Suite To Women. This Presentation Describes The Six Ingredients To Executive Impact. It Includes A Self-Assessment And Two “Do You Have IT” Worksheets.

Tools for Personal Productivity: Conquer Procrastination

We Are All Procrastinators In Some Areas Of Our Lives—Whether It’s Filing Income Taxes, Cleaning Out Closets, Or Sending Out Thank You Notes—Anything We Have Delayed In Favor Of More Pressing Or Pleasurable Pursuits. This Speech Shares Some Of The Causes For Procrastination And Offers Six Specific Tools Or Concepts That Are Available To Help Anyone Improve Their Productivity Without Guilt.

Four Cornerstones of Lifetime Career Management

Most Executives Admit That Their Careers Have Evolved Based On Opportunism, Hard Work, And Sometimes Luck. The Truth Is That Many Savvy Executives Manage Their Business Goals Far Better Than They Manage Their Careers, Leaving Them Sometimes Displaced Or Dissatisfied With Their Ultimate Achievements. Mina Presents The Four Cornerstones Of Successful Career Management That Will Last A Lifetime.

Talents, Passions, & Possibilities

Research Shows That Most Employees Are In Jobs They Hate. Life Is Just Too Short For That. The Key To Getting A Perfect Job And An Exciting Career Is To First Have A Clear VISION Of It. This Presentation Suggests A Process For Creating A Vision And A Plan To Get From Here To There.

Secrets of Power-Packed Networking

It’s A Small World After All! Networking Is A Key To Success In Almost Any Business Endeavor. The Most Successful People Know How To Do It Well, And Continuously. Networking Involves Meeting People, Making Contacts, And Building Relationships In Order To Create The Right Opportunities. And It’s A Lifelong Process. This Presentation Provides A Model For Effective Networking.

The Art of Interviewing

It’s Not The Person With The Best Resume, The Best Contacts, Or Even The Best Experience Who Get The Job. It’s The Person Who Interviews Best. Preparation Is 75% Of The Interview. This Speech Highlights Some Keys To Nailing The Interview And Getting The Job.