The most effective way to develop leaders and high-potential individuals today is with COACHING. The basics can be learned in training classes, but it’s not enough. We know that individual coaching is needed. Research shows that coaching builds leadership bench strength and significantly improves retention, productivity, and employee engagement far more effectively than just training.

Does Coaching Work?

We believe in setting measurable goals and the results are outstanding.
Executives who receive coaching report benefits* from:

Better working relationships with direct reports


Improved relationships with supervisors


Improved teamwork


Enhanced working relationships with peers and other colleagues


Greater job satisfaction


Less interpersonal conflict and better ability to manage conflict


Higher commitment to the organization


Better working relationship with clients


*statistics provided by Manchester USA Inc

Return on Coaching Investment 600 – 800%

Executive Recruiter News reports that executive coaching delivers a Return on Investment (ROI) of almost six times the initial cost of coaching! Seventy percent of executives who participated in the Right Management Consultants’ survey claim that their ROI was at least $100,000, and another 30% put their ROI between $500,000 and $1 million. Joy McGovern, Senior VP and Managing Consultant of Right’s Organizational Consulting Practice, says, “The survey results corroborate what coaching participants and first-hand observers have seen – that coaching can have a dramatic impact on change in executive behavior and organizational improvements.”

Comprehensive Coaching Programs

for Senior Executives, Leaders, High-Potentials and Senior Professionals

Most global coaching providers focus on senior executives and charge a large fee accordingly—a fee that could be significant to almost any budget. Positive Coach has created a more efficient way to manage these large contracts with improved quality control processes and powerful coaching results. With a global team of experienced, certified coaches, we provide targeted, cost-effective coaching programs for all employee levels and in major markets throughout the world.

Programs to Fit Every Budget and Level of Expertise Required

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Here’s a quick comparison chart to help you choose the right program.

Of course, programs can be easily customized to fit specific coaching objectives or organizational goals.

Comparison Chart

Sample Process Leadership Edge

How to Get Started

  1. Identify the leader or high potential who is ready for coaching.
  2. Contact Positive Coach at 972-733-9963 or
  3. Choose the right program and options for your candidate.
  4. Assist Positive Coach with vendor approval and PO or other payment arrangements.
  5. Send Positive Coach the candidate’s name, email address, phone number, and also the manager’s name, email address, and phone number.
  6. Positive Coach will then send the Coach Preference Survey to the candidate and invoice the company.

We are dedicated to making this the most important professional development process available at the most competitive price in the market.