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The most effective way to develop leaders and high-potential individuals today is with COACHING. Research shows that coaching builds leadership bench strength and significantly improves retention, productivity, and employee engagement. For large companies, scale and efficiency are important factors in providing quality coaching without the administrative and oversight hassle. Positive Coach a global program management and contract coach staffing company providing enterprise coaching and professional development solutions for large corporations.

If you want to step up your performance, get noticed, get a promotion, make a major career shift, or change your life, then you need a coach. Mina Brown has been an executive coach, career consultant, and entrepreneur for 20 years. As a former senior operations executive and CFO, she brings together a successful leadership track record, unusual intuition and deep compassion. She primarily works with senior executives, professionals, and executive teams in large global companies. She also has a global team of highly qualified coaches who could be matched up for almost any coaching engagement.

We offer a variety of valuable seminars and workshops that can be delivered for small groups or large. Workshops can be easily customized to fit specific learning objectives or organizational goals. Our workshops are highly interactive, incorporate the latest in adult learning theory, and include current thinking on each topic. Powerful topics like Influence, Negotiation, Trust, Teamwork and World-class Leadership Practices are particularly effective to teach in a workshop format.

“Coaching” is one of the most misunderstood word in the English language. Coaching has exploded in the last decade such that bartenders might start calling themselves coaches. More than ever, people who invest in coaching are looking for professionals who certifiably know what they are doing. Positive Coach offers accredited coach training for the public several times a year and for corporations to bring in-house for their leaders and HR professionals.

Positive Coach President, Mina Brown, is available for keynote speeches and short presentations on a variety of topics. A successful corporate executive, masterful executive coach, career consultant, and author, Mina offers inspiration, insight, business savvy, and humor that engage her audiences. Her talks are ideal for leadership development, employee motivation, change, career management, and executive skill building.

Whether you are considering a whole new career direction or just looking for a new job, we can help. Positive Coach offers comprehensive career services that help you focus and execute your job search at the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness, or more broadly, redefine your long-term career direction with a new vision, career plan, and strategy for making the shift.

Employee Engagement & Retention

ALL large organizations – corporations, non-profits, and government – are worried about employee ENGAGEMENT and RETENTION.

And we know for sure that happy, engaged employees are more productive, more accurate, and nicer to customers, which ultimately produces better profits and sustainability. And the key to optimistic and loyal employees is effective leadership. But how do you really develop great leaders?

This whitepaper examines the challenge head-on, and offers SEVEN LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES that demonstrably improve employee engagement and increase desired retention of top talent.

Customer Testimonials

Annie Sandell

Mina is an Executive Coach extraordinaire. Her wealth of experience both as a coach and former executive results in a very impactful experience.

One of the best training experiences I have had was Mina’s Executive Coach Academy. I recommend Mina to you without hesitation or reservation as both an Executive Coach and trainer of Executive Coaches.

Marilyn Mathis

Through her insightful, powerful and compassionate coaching, Mina Brown creates the positive structure that everyone needs to succeed.

Mina’s coaching is a terrific resource for developing your career in new or better directions. She is knowledgeable in numerous business and professional fields, having served in executive positions herself. She has honed her coaching style over 20 years of successful experience with leaders and professionals.

Mina’s coaching not only provided me with the tools to improve my career development, but also directed me to specific paths and resources I had not found on my own. In choosing a career/enterprise coach, I sought someone who highly values my time. With Mina, every session is crafted to be extremely effective, ensuring that high ROI is one of the outcomes.

She connects with people on both the business and human levels. Her professionalism is matched by empathy and insight that makes her coaching always hit its target.

Whatever your stage of career — startup, seasoned professional or executive, please consider the Positive Coach for solutions that will move you toward increased success.

Cheryl Hagan

Some of the best professional and personal advice I have ever gotten has come from Mina. I still use it!

Jack Olson

Mina is an engaging coach who can provide valuable feedback on business strategies, organizational objectives and challenges. Mina can also provide insightful career planning advice to improve focus on the important vs. urgent in an energizing way.

Tracey Harris, MSW, CEAP, PHR, SHRM-CP

In 2012, we brought in Mina to lead an interactive team-building event for our leadership group at Caron Texas. It was a very exciting and intensive two day workshop that exceeded our team’s expectations and led to the positive results we hoped for: increased trust and accountability.

Using Patrick Lencioni’s best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, as a platform, Mina configured a workshop that she specifically tailored to the composition of our team and the individual personalities we brought to the table.

Through her much proven and stellar facilitation, coaching and teaching skills – and her extraordinary ability to genuinely connect with people, she led us to a place of great collaboration, agreement and commitment to the most important and specific goals we needed to accomplish in order to develop as a great leadership team that was ready to lead Caron Texas into the next stage of growth and success. Not only did we commit to these goals, we followed through on the action plan, seeing a tremendous leap in trust and accountability on the post-assessment we took some months later. She absolutely helped us move from a place of uncertainty to much increased confidence in each other and, also, in ourselves.

Mina is not only an accomplished change leader, she is also an inspiring mentor. I will most certainly look to her in the future as the expert and consultant of choice when any opportunity arises where a great team has the chance to become even greater. .

Jamil Lotia

I had a pleasure of attending one of the Seminar and Workshop on the development of 30 seconds elevator speech at the North Dallas / Plano Focus Group. I loved the way Mina involved the audience to create the 30 seconds elevator speech by developing an individual’s Essence, Guru and Star factors. Mina coaching and training was simple and straight forward such that I as I was able to create my own 30 seconds elevator speech easily. Thanks again Mina for a wonderful workshop.

Brenda Jones

Mina has been an incredible asset to me in my career and life. I had the opportunity to work with Mina at another company where her expertise brought our team great results, and I hired her when I took my current position because of her amazing skills. She consistently provides excellent coaching and helps me see the “bigger picture” when I lose sight of it. She has the utmost integrity and is a joy to work with. Because of my experience working with Mina, I have grown so much in the past five years. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Wendy Rocco

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated my time working with Mina. She has truly helped change my professional life. If you are in need of a highly trained coach, I would consider Mina the best in class! I am happy to answer any questions on my experience with Mina through LI!

Kyle Dunn

Mina is an expert in the executive coaching and advising field. I have worked with Mina for a number of years and she is extremely effective and intuitive at providing key insights in dealing with ambiguous business situations and how to approach short, medium, and long term decisions. I highly recommend Mina as a trusted advisor for business and career decisions.

Bill O’Connor, MBA

I hired Mina to work with me and my team at Home Cinema & Sound. Mina observed the team and its interactions as well as administering some tests for profiling. The results were both eye-opening and right on target. She helped my team learn how to work together better and more efficiently, and coached more out of each of us than we knew we had in us. I would highly recommend Mina Brown for both personal coaching and business consulting.

Antoinette Vincent

Mina provided career coaching for me when I was trying to decide on a new direction for my career. Our sessions provided me with tools to determine exactly what I had to offer as well as how to strategically present them. Most importantly, we discussed, at great length, how to leverage dissappointments to gain future success. My success came recently when I was offered a position at a higher level than I had applied based on my interview! I would not have gotten that kind of success without Mina’s intensive coaching

Brad Struck, SIOR

If you are considering a career transition I highly recommend Mina. She will utilize her experience and analysis to truly understand what you are searching. Mina’s questions are thought provoking and she provides paths to reach a point where you realize what you desire in both a career and life. Mina will challenge you to not only find a career where you can be financially successful but uncover a career where you can find personal happiness as well. Mina never suggests an answer but asks questions in such manner that after private reflection, the answers provide a clear and proper path forward. I have recently changed career paths and I would have definitely not found my way without Mina’s assistance and creativity. Furthermore, Mina did not only help with choosing the future career, but developed an execution strategy to make the transition. Mina’s caring attitude and insight would be a great asset to anyone needing coaching.

Connie Crow

Mina brings her energetic personality to her workshops. Mina has a knowledge of job searching that she presents in a very creative way. With humor and her experienced job skills she gives a working knowledge of landing that desired job. I would recommend Mina to anyone that wants to improve their employment seeking skills.

Tom Hendricks

Collaborating with Mina was a great positive experience, she is a true professional that demonstrates creative solutions to the difficult business challenges that face all of us today… Her ability to understand a situation and apply a “let’s get to it attitude” is a refreshing approach to problem solving in the competitive marketplace. 

Joel Carnes

Mina is unique in combination of extensive executive experience coupled with master-level coaching skills. As a business owner, Mina has helped me set focus, strategic direction, and tactical priorities. She is a human being of warmth, sincerity, and compassion. Her thoughts, words, and deeds are in alignment, and it shows in every interaction you have with her. Highly recommended!

Scott Bell

I have to say that Mina Brown is an insightful and gifted professional coach. Her powers of observation are uncanny and she can cut to the heart of a complex issue in moments. Mina identifies problems and offers solutions quickly and honestly. I recommend Mina without reservation to anyone seeking career advice, coaching or mentoring.

Paula Asinof

As a consultant and career coach, I have had the privilege of working with Mina to deliver projects to corporate clients, public seminars, and executive career coaching programs. She gains the trust of her clients and delivers real value to them. She is a continuous learner from books, from her experiences, and from her clients. Mina has an extraordinary ability to create just the right balance between nurturing and straightforward feedback. Many of her clients return time after time to work with her and say she has been an essential part of their successes.

Kathryn Tate Parsons

Mina Brown is an amazing and dynamic professional. Her integrity, knowledge, experience and ability to apply her skills to those with whom she consults is top-notch to any in her industry. As a Coach she has the unique business experience to bring to her clients, yet her approach, insight and applications transforms both their personal and professional lives.