Marilyn Mathis

Through her insightful, powerful and compassionate coaching, Mina Brown creates the positive structure that everyone needs to succeed. Mina’s coaching is a terrific resource for developing your career in new or better directions. She is knowledgeable in numerous business and… Read more “Marilyn Mathis”

Cheryl Hagan

Some of the best professional and personal advice I have ever gotten has come from Mina. I still use it!

Jack Olson

Mina is an engaging coach who can provide valuable feedback on business strategies, organizational objectives and challenges. Mina can also provide insightful career planning advice to improve focus on the important vs. urgent in an energizing way.

Bill Koch

I have worked with Mina as a coaching client and as a student in the Coaching Academy. My time with Mina was well invested. She challenges clients in healthy ways. Mina helps clients make meaningful improvement. She helped me clear… Read more “Bill Koch”

Tracey Harris, MSW, CEAP, PHR, SHRM-CP

In 2012, we brought in Mina to lead an interactive team-building event for our leadership group at Caron Texas. It was a very exciting and intensive two day workshop that exceeded our team’s expectations and led to the positive results… Read more “Tracey Harris, MSW, CEAP, PHR, SHRM-CP”

Jamil Lotia

I had a pleasure of attending one of the Seminar and Workshop on the development of 30 seconds elevator speech at the North Dallas / Plano Focus Group. I loved the way Mina involved the audience to create the 30… Read more “Jamil Lotia”

Brenda Jones

Mina has been an incredible asset to me in my career and life. I had the opportunity to work with Mina at another company where her expertise brought our team great results, and I hired her when I took my… Read more “Brenda Jones”

Wendy Rocco

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated my time working with Mina. She has truly helped change my professional life. If you are in need of a highly trained coach, I would consider Mina the best in class! I… Read more “Wendy Rocco”

Kyle Dunn

Mina is an expert in the executive coaching and advising field. I have worked with Mina for a number of years and she is extremely effective and intuitive at providing key insights in dealing with ambiguous business situations and how… Read more “Kyle Dunn”

Bill O’Connor, MBA

I hired Mina to work with me and my team at Home Cinema & Sound. Mina observed the team and its interactions as well as administering some tests for profiling. The results were both eye-opening and right on target. She… Read more “Bill O’Connor, MBA”

Antoinette Vincent

Mina provided career coaching for me when I was trying to decide on a new direction for my career. Our sessions provided me with tools to determine exactly what I had to offer as well as how to strategically present… Read more “Antoinette Vincent”

Brad Struck, SIOR

If you are considering a career transition I highly recommend Mina. She will utilize her experience and analysis to truly understand what you are searching. Mina’s questions are thought provoking and she provides paths to reach a point where you… Read more “Brad Struck, SIOR”

Connie Crow

Mina brings her energetic personality to her workshops. Mina has a knowledge of job searching that she presents in a very creative way. With humor and her experienced job skills she gives a working knowledge of landing that desired job.… Read more “Connie Crow”

Tom Hendricks

Collaborating with Mina was a great positive experience, she is a true professional that demonstrates creative solutions to the difficult business challenges that face all of us today… Her ability to understand a situation and apply a “let’s get to… Read more “Tom Hendricks”

Joel Carnes

Mina is unique in combination of extensive executive experience coupled with master-level coaching skills. As a business owner, Mina has helped me set focus, strategic direction, and tactical priorities. She is a human being of warmth, sincerity, and compassion. Her… Read more “Joel Carnes”

Scott Bell

I have to say that Mina Brown is an insightful and gifted professional coach. Her powers of observation are uncanny and she can cut to the heart of a complex issue in moments. Mina identifies problems and offers solutions quickly… Read more “Scott Bell”

Paula Asinof

As a consultant and career coach, I have had the privilege of working with Mina to deliver projects to corporate clients, public seminars, and executive career coaching programs. She gains the trust of her clients and delivers real value to… Read more “Paula Asinof”

Kathryn Tate Parsons

Mina Brown is an amazing and dynamic professional. Her integrity, knowledge, experience and ability to apply her skills to those with whom she consults is top-notch to any in her industry. As a Coach she has the unique business experience… Read more “Kathryn Tate Parsons”

Claire Tondreau

Mina Brown, Peggy Dean, and the team at Coach Academy International have thoughtfully and thoroughly constructed a coach training program that’s rigorous, thought-provoking, engaging, and rewarding. It seamlessly combines theory, hands-on practice, and important and useful lessons from their own… Read more “Claire Tondreau”

Sonia Cerezo

Great program, great mentor coaching afterward! I am not a morning person, so having to attend a group mentor coaching session at 8 am Monday mornings was not something I was looking forward to. But after the first session with… Read more “Sonia Cerezo”

RL Newland

Top Notch! I will recommend this to everyone I know who wants to become or consider becoming a coach. And to anyone who just wants to learn to be a better person!

J. Ratclilff

Mina is the gold standard of who I hope to be in my new venture.

Kimberly Robinson

The best thing about this class is face-to- face aspect of the program and the practical exercises. We were able to learn mostly by "doing", not just theory. I wanted an in-class experience and I received that and more.

Ruth Kirby

The best think about this program is it being intensive, best way for me to learn, immersion, loved all the coaching practice, loved being thrown in early to that process ready or not, loved all the materials, and the confidence… Read more “Ruth Kirby”

Ginny Mendoza

Even though it is very intense, being able to step away from your life, and focus only on coaching, lends to successful learning!

Genena Woodson Armstrong

It far exceeded my expectations. It was more rich with information and with interactive exercises than I imagined. Also, I could watch Mina teach all day! Very dynamic! Mina is the coaching Guru!


Just what I wanted, IN person, IN tensive, and IN credible!

Taylor Mechlinski

If you put in the work, come with your most authentic self, and pay attention, Mina and Peggy can make you a coach.

Debbie Keeler

I can’t thank you enough for your excellent training program which has been such a tremendous foundation on which I am building my new career. The quality of the 8-day in person training program was truly remarkable. It was by… Read more “Debbie Keeler”

Debbie Adams

Coach Academy is a fantastic source for coach training, especially for those who desire IN-PERSON training for optimal learning. I looked at many different coach training options, and Coach Academy was launched just in time to fill a unique place… Read more “Debbie Adams”

Jackie Welch

Wow! What a potent program! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, mastery and precious selves. Thanks to all my classmates for providing the rich learning environment that gave me support, confidence and experience.

Bill Koch

I have worked with Mina as a coaching client and as a student in the Coaching Academy. My time with Mina was well invested. She challenges clients in healthy ways. Mina helps clients make meaningful improvement. She helped me clear… Read more “Bill Koch”

Sherry Yellin, PhD, ACC, BCC

Mina and Coach Academy have been both a life changer for me personally and a game changer for my business. Three years ago, I was certified through Mina’s program to add the coaching dimension to my leadership development and training… Read more “Sherry Yellin, PhD, ACC, BCC”

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