Systematic Approach to Coaching

We believe in coaching to strengths. The most successful executives find ways to maximize the use of their strengths and compensate for their “development areas” (i.e. weaknesses). Coaching is the best way to create a plan for personal development and take action. Coaching works. Our systematic approach to Executive Coaching is gleaned from years of practical experience and ongoing study and research in the areas of executive development, human behavior, and professional coaching. We have found that there are few substitutes for actual hands-on, meaningful business experience when it comes to assisting our clients in their personal development and solving business challenges.

The depth of our expertise coupled with the selective use of tools and other instruments enable us to tailor our coaching to each client’s unique needs for maximum results in the most cost effective manner possible. We believe senior executives are looking for pragmatic, laser-focused business coaches, not therapists.

Research has shown that the most powerful, effective and lasting form of personal development for senior executives comes from a confidential, one-on-one process. The individual has the opportunity to carefully and openly examine his or her leadership skills and create specific and highly tailored actions steps to accomplish development and career goals and business objectives. With the most senior executives, even very small changes can have dramatic effects on the organization. Unfortunately, these are often the hardest changes to make.

Three-Stage Coaching Methodology

Our methodology is organized in three stages: Awareness, Planning, and Action.

Awareness: Awareness is perhaps the most critical step in the process of personal development. In this stage, we would collect data as needed through dialogue with the client, assessment instruments (as needed), some written document reviews (e.g. performance appraisals), and several personal interviews of colleagues, employees, and other management (“Interview 360°“). A variety of sources is important in order to obtain an honest and complete picture of the individual’s unique strengths and challenges.

We would then compile our findings into an individual feedback report for the executive. The most important outcome from this stage is the individual’s personal acceptance and ownership of the development opportunities evidenced by the feedback, and commitment to invest in the time and effort required for change.

Planning: We then move from acceptance to the detail planning for change. We help the executive create a personal development plan to guide and prioritize his or her efforts. We also strongly recommend a debriefing and planning session with their direct supervisor, for which we coach the executive. In general, the best development plans incorporate 70% on-the-job activities, 10% individual study, and 20% formal training and coaching.

Action: Then, the executive is responsible for carrying out the plan. During this stage, we have found that for significant personal change to occur successfully, periodic one-on-one coaching sessions are extremely valuable for the busy executive. Regularly scheduled coaching sessions, especially early in the process, help to sustain momentum and hold the executive accountable for completing action steps. In addition, private and confidential coaching provides a safe and positive support environment for the executive to explore development barriers and design productive strategies for overcoming potential difficulties.

Experienced and Trained Executive Coaches

Our coaches are all highly experienced executives with extensive hands-on knowledge about what it takes to be successful in a competitive corporate environment. Each one has significant credentials and certifications to bring to the coaching engagement. Above all, we deeply care about our clients’ success. READ MORE ABOUT OUR COACHES

Soft 360° (Interview 360°)

The vast majority of senior executives do more things right than wrong. They are already highly successful. At this level, however, even some relatively obscure or seemingly small issues can have an exaggerated and potentially adverse impact on their organizations. And these issues are usually the most difficult to change.

In order to get the detailed feedback that is needed for these clients, we conduct a series of one-on-one interviews with other senior executives, colleagues, and their employees… the Interview 360°. A confidential written report is provided to the client as part of the initial feedback session.