Positive Coach is a global coaching program management and contract coach staffing company providing enterprise coaching and professional development solutions for large organizations. We have the systems and process to ensure efficient and high quality deliverables. We have a global pool of experienced executive coaches to support diverse business needs.

  • Reputation for excellence
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Global team of highly experienced, certified coaches
  • Flexible packages to meet a variety of needs
  • Superior responsiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Breadth of services available, including assessments, team facilitation, skill-building workshops, and accredited coach training

Positive Coach offers a variety of programs for large organizations that effectively support leadership excellence and development of managers and high-potential professionals. With a 20-year successful track record and a proprietary engagement management system, we can deliver best-in-class executive coaching and coach program management on a global basis and at a flexible, budget-sensitive price.

In addition, we are qualified and accredited to provide Leader-As-Coach training to executives and HR professionals for those large organizations that are discovering the competitive value and emerging need for leaders and managers to incorporate a “coach-approach” into their employee engagements. Undeniably, COACHING has emerged as the most important new skill for successful leaders in today’s highest performing organizations.

Broad Range of Corporate Programs

Comprehensive Coaching Programs for All Levels & All Budgets

  • Programs to fit every budget
  • Proprietary and sophisticated engagement management system
  • Quality control oversight
  • Proactive engagement and integration with organization tools and goals
  • Global pool of experience coaches

Individual Executive Coaching for Targeted Development 

  • Coaching to strengths for maximum growth
  • Straightforward and effective coaching model for lasting change
  • Business-savvy and trained executive coaches
  • Incorporation of assessments, including Interview 360, as appropriate

Leadership Training & Workshops 

  • Broad range of relevant and interactive workshops and seminars
  • Outcome driven and results oriented for greatest impact
  • Leverages individual or small group coaching for maximum retention

Corporate Coach Training Programs 

  • Supports the growing demand for internal coaches
  • Elevates organizational effectiveness with refined, skilled coach-approach to leadership

Keynotes & Public Speaking 

  • Relevant, current array of topics
  • Lively, engaging presentations

What Clients Say

“I have had the good fortune of working with POSITIVE COACH for 4 years and I am extremely pleased with the relationship that we have established. We have used their team for such services as professional & executive coaching, consulting on a global leadership development program,and coordinating a feedback survey for our HumanResources services both in the US and Puerto Rico. Not only are they a knowledgeable and professional team, they are extremely personal in their approach. The feedback from each of our leaders who have received coaching from their experts has been outstanding, to the point where several of them have asked to have their engagements extended.I would strongly recommend POSITIVE COACH!”~Brian Moore, Former Director of Human Resources, Microsoft Licensing

“My coach has provided me with honest, motivating, and challenging coaching services. Her counsel has been invaluable to see myself and situations more objectively. I have both enjoyed and benefitted from her tough and encouraging approaches that have helped make me an improved leader, ready to take on the next steps in mycareer. I highly recommend the POSITIVE COACH team!”~ Mark Cunningham, Vice President, HR – M&A Integration and HR Business Partner to CFO/Corporate Leaders, Xerox Services